Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Veg Love, part 5 - Peas!

Totally stealing this from myself for MoFo... I posted it years ago on a more personal blog, and it fits my theme so well I had to repost it here.  :)

Amazing peas
Yes, you read that right. Amazing PEAS. Didn't you always think peas were gross growing up? (Unless you were weird like my brother and that's the only vegetable you liked.) Have you tried them again as an adult and given them another chance? Maybe kinda thought "eh, whatever, they're not gross but I don't really like them?" Have you tried them *fresh*? Like fresh out of the garden and just shelled? Omg, they're SO wonderful! So sweet and fresh and Who knew?

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But then last night I made them even better. I'm trying to spend $0 this week on food and cook entirely based on what is in my house, so this obviously makes for some experiments. Luckily I have some veggies left from last week, and *lots* of fresh herbs from my fledgling window box garden and mostly from the trimming my mother did the other day of her herb garden, giving me a huge pile of clippings. Here's what I did yesterday, and I *must* do it again soon. Props to Rachael Ray for the inspiration - she mentioned toasting up chickpeas with some herbs or spices as a party snack, so I went with that idea with my peas and fresh herbs.

Dish 1 (side):
Chop up proportional amounts of mushrooms, garlic scapes, onion. Fry up in olive oil and add salt. Remove from pan.

Dish 2:
Using same pan, reheat a little more olive oil. Add fresh shelled peas (English peas were used). Add a good handful of chopped fresh lavendar leaves. Add salt, and a dash (maybe 1/2 teaspoon?) of yellow curry powder. Sprinkle on 2 flowers worth of fresh lavender flowers. Remove from heat before peas can get mushy - you just want to heat them. Amazing!!

And even more amazing - combine the 2 dishes after cooking. YUM.

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  1. What?? Kids think that peas are gross?! Well maybe I was a weird kid, I loved fresh peas with gusto, and I'd open pod after pod and just nosh on them all afternoon.

    I love your suggestions for pea side dishes - I've never really dressed them up before. Thanks! :)