About Me and A,B,C, Vegan

Even though it's going on 3 years now, I still consider myself a "new" vegan, and I remember how confusing it can be when you first start out on this amazing path.  My goal is for A, B,C, Vegan to be a place that can help new vegans and those thinking about it explore this wonderful new world, and a place that will give inspiration, motivation, and community to both those new to this lifestyle and those more experienced.  I will be providing education about the hows (recipes), the whys (health and compassion for animals), and the whats (all those ingredients that seem new and scary, as well as all the wonderful more familiar ingredients), and anything else that readers would like to see.  If you have a question - please ask!  :-)  Leave a comment below or contact me at abcvegan@gmail.com.  I'm also on Twitter at ABCVegan.  Talk to me!