Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garden Vegetable White Lasagna

Remember that day I became a chef?  Today is the next phase in that journey.  Today I created my own technique for making a vegan cream sauce.  Maybe it's not actually new, but I've never read it anywhere, so to me, it's my own.  :)  The other day I made this sweet potato "mac and cheese" that was unbelievably good (and I highly recommend trying it!), but it didn't really resemble mac and cheese, other than by color.  But it got me thinking ... what if I started with the same concept ... but put the potato, nooch (vegan shorthand for "nutritional yeast"), etc into my Vitamix and made a sauce?  How could I get that to really be creamy?  A few days worth of mulling it over, and I came up with something that I think could easily be mistaken by an omnivore for a rich creamy white lasagna type sauce.  Wait no - it IS rich and creamy.  But they would never know that there is not a hint of dairy in it.  :)

Mix with some veggies hanging out in my fridge from my CSA, some leftover over penne noodles from the previous dish, and voila! Perfect garden vegetable white "lasagna". (Could easily work with lasagna noodles, just aren't what I used. :) )  Didn't know that's what I was making, but that's what it became, and it's perfect. And best of all?  It's still creamy the next day for leftovers, unlike any other cream (or "cream") sauce I know.  :)

Wow I want to eat this again right now.  Conveniently, I have leftovers for lunch.  :)