Thursday, October 27, 2011

CSA discoveries

Alright, I'm feeling kinda lazy today, so today's post is inspired by something totally easy to make - that I always thought would be oh-so-difficult.  It's amazing what you learn as you get into this - how things that seem so hard before really turn out just not to be.

With that - pesto!  Pesto is another thing that just seems a bit fancy, but in reality it's terribly simple.  And the best part is that it is incredibly versatile.  Basically as long as you have a few cups of some leafy green - you can have yourself a beautiful pesto meal.  The traditional method of course is to use basil and pine nuts, but I've never really loved that.  In fact I was always puzzled by that, since it seemed like something I would love.  But then I started exploring using other greens, and I realized that I don't love basil-based pesto because there are so many better options out there!  IMHO.  :-)

I discovered sorrel last summer through my CSA, and this recipe is one of my favorites.  The sorrel lends a nice lemony note in background that makes everything taste extra fresh.  However feel free to play around with other greens, other nuts, other additions (like sundried tomatoes, Bragg's aminos - anything that might add a twist to the flavor), and see what you discover!

Sorrel pesto, and sundried tomato spread, both made from CSA veggies

Sorrel Pesto
3+ C sorrel leaves, ribs removed
2 small garlic cloves
1/2 C+ toasted almond slivers
1/4 C nutritional yeast
1 T sugar

~1/4 C olive oil

Place all ingredients except oil in food processor, pulse a few times.  Slowly drizzle in oil while continuing to pulse.  Enjoy!

Serve as pasta topping, spread over toasted baguette slices, as a sandwich spread, etc - possibilities are endless!


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