Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Joy of Cooking Vegan

I was given this shirt for free at the Vida Vegan Conference earlier this year.  I thought at the time it was silly and something I would never wear, but maybe it would be useful just to throw something on at some point. 

Then I was asked to give a talk on the health benefits of veganism for my company, and about a week before I was supposed to speak, I did throw this shirt on, simply because it was comfortable and clean.  What I realized as I sat there planning my talk wearing this shirt was that I really wanted to wear it again for the talk - because I've come to really believe in what it says.  That moment was a really cool realization of how much living this lifestyle has changed me. 

Being vegan isn't always easy.  It *is* - in that having enough to cook is easy (I have a huge overabundance of things to make!), finding things to eat out is easy, it makes you feel physically amazing, and makes you feel mentally like you're really doing something right.  But it's still sometimes hard - you miss things you used to eat, you have to explain yourself, and you can't (don't want to) just eat anything that shows up in front of you.  I wanted to take a moment for today's post to acknowledge that fact, that it can be difficult sometimes, no matter how much you love it and how committed to it you are, so don't feel bad if you find yourself hitting a rough patch.  But I also pointed to take a moment to say just how amazing it is too.  Choosing to live a more compassionate life is incredibly rewarding, physically, mentally, and socially.  I love sharing this lifestyle with others who are just curious and with those who are way more expert than I.  Please let me know when you have questions or need a boost - that's what this blog is here for! 


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